Wednesday, June 24, 2009

i want to have my cake,
and eat it too!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ivy's Bday

we ere the only 3 on the bus!

Alexis, Hillary, Ivy, Kelly, Amber

i think i like this one best

what are we doing?

hehe :D

spanish coffee @ Chopsticks! YUM!

my MN trip, in a nutshell

look how cute my lil nephew Max is!!!!

my cousin Nicci and her son Alex

aunt Kathy and i

aunt Kathy and DaMonique


@ the bluffs playin pool

the harbor bar
my sister and her husband stefan

i love my sister!


me and my bro-in-law

running into old friends at the bar!!!

haha ran into my cousin Whitney too!!!
god i wish i had some old pics handy to throw in here


my underage siblings.... i still love you! look how handsome they have become!!!

My brother, Steven, the Marine, the grad., the pride and joy... best of luck and much love always, i hope you get ass kicked at least once

Nanny and Papa and a hangover

Brady (15) Steven (17) Amber (21) wow! and who knows when we will get together again!


i dont kno i think he'll ask her to marry him, haha, shes alright