Thursday, May 20, 2010

Portland, Oregon

it's May 20th.
the Sun is shining.
and it is Hailing.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


drunken noodles.....

still no phone :(

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy 22nd Birthday to ME!!!

What a week! ugh
monday was Andy's 21st B-day
tuesday was Janine's 22nd B-day
wed. = Cinco de Mayo and Lloyds B-day

-so B and i went out last night after i got off work. He met me at Cracker Jacks and we had a couple of drinks before going downtown. He took me to get these amazing hooks!!!....

weights! and turqouis !!

i am so spoiled. (i also got a cute bubbler!)

I also got shitfaced.... And lost my Cell Phone!!!! :'(
-the night before my B-day. and now non of my family got ahold of me today when they called, or friends texted.....
Really! im not an asshole!
I lost my cell phone!
- I am so pitiful without it! its kinda ridiculous.
- i may have to buy an alarm clock now.
- I am so glad i have insurance on my phone. should only have to pay 90$ to get it replaced, if i have to that is. instead of $300. hopefully its at the bar or something.
so im sorry to those who tried to get in touch with me today, im really not an asshole

And today i made Jumbalaya as the special at work, cuz its my B-day and i really wanted to make it. Everyone loved it! :D i even got called over to a table and complimented!! that was awesome. so i had a few bites, it was good, too bad i was too hungover to enjoy it :(
damn i should have brought some home with me.
Guess i will just have to make it again soon!! :D
Oh! and B made me strawberry shortcake for dessert!!!
im loving cooking so much lately! i made pineapple cupcakes yesterday.