Wednesday, February 20, 2008

the latest


cosmic teeth

i just can't decide if they are done yet

on 6th

jesse reno painting on a window a few blocks from my house.
needless to say i really like it

ive realized

the the weather really does get to me. so much rain in the winter time here hella bums me out. ive always had to just deal with a ton of snow in the winter and bein all cold, but even it being dark all the time in AK didnt bother me this much i think. its just so god damn gloomy here in portland. dont get me wrong i love it here but geez, ive been a little down this winter.
but hey!
the sun is coming out more these days and it sure is making me feel good.

im scared im stuck sometimes
i doubt myself sometimes

it feels so good to get the bills payed

im all fuckin high strung these days. i need to just chill out.
i should have gone to work today
stop freaking out and being so demanding so much and just think about me
do what i gotta do
do what makes me happy

1. i need a new job im thinkin

2. i miss being social.

sun come out, i want to go to the beach!!!

its not getting what you want, but wanting what you've got

my view of p-town

p.s. i love you

im tired of being grown up

loook me and some peeps at jimmy's 24th! over a month ago.
p.s. jeeves. i miss you. lets go to the beach!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


look at that, im back online and i haven't posted in nearly 2 months.
i suck.
but i was on looking at janine's blog today, and girl, i miss you like crazy. we are a lot alike you and i.
hope to call you soon! can't wait to see you again, and meet this boy of yours!

p.s. a few pics from the winter to update