Sunday, September 30, 2007

everyone is moving out of the apartment tonight. except chris and i. its been more like a dorm than an apartment. its kind of sad but everyone knows its time and that its going to to be good for everyone to get on. and not to mention i wont miss than fuckin cat.
so fucking anxious to get into the new apartment.
waiting and a pain in the but. gotta move out by the 5th cant move IN till the 9th . lametastic. but hey its no time at all. and soon enough we wont have to share our space and listen to doors slam. ...


cant wait to have me own spot!
im sad you're not here anymore.

i read

7 books in 3 months.

Junky -William S. Burroughs
Maus I
Maus II
Speed -William S. Burroughs Jr.
Kentucky Ham -William S. Burroughs Jr.
The Catcher in the Rye
A Seperate Reality: Further Conversations with Don Juan

Friday, September 14, 2007

CAMPING!!! cape lookout

jambertown reunion.

sorry i stole this flic, but hey, just so you know, im really really happy you're here

shroomsville (dot dot dot)

my favorite face!

the max is full of clowns

Monday, September 10, 2007

it's official. we got the apartment!!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

so i finally unrolled the blanket i brought back to portland with me from dad's. and the first night i was just happy to use it. it has a used sort of softness and the kind of material that feels cool (as in temperature) when it first touches your skin. but anyway, today i finally made the bed. i popped my computer open, sat cross-legged; my eyes drifted over the top of my screen and off the edge of the bed to the floor. i just felt a little wierd all of a sudden. i laughed. this is the same blanket i used to have. well not the same blanket. but the twin of my old blanket. damo and i once shared a bedroom at my dad's that we painted together. the walls were two-toned rocket red and like crimson, we used plasitc bags and our hands to apply the crimson on the lower half. the shit turned out lookin like blood. i spent a whole day sanding the white paint off a bunk bed so that we could paint it black. we painted the door black and all the trim. And we bought these blankets together. queen-sized with these five giant red roses with black negative space. Omg we were pretty much dorks back then, what with our marilyn manson music and our short spikey hair. nail polish and bondage pants. ha ha ha. but this blanket is the one that used to be damo's. mine's in my storage unit. but i guess the point is that i realized that it reminded me of like every bedroom that was ever just mine since then till now, and it felt a little like home. it's not the same blanket, but its the same feeling. i've got home here.

im a super happy super lady! FUCK YOU and fuck growing up.

someone at work today was all " oh yea ive got a kid, a six year old. i had a life once." what the hell does that mean? Your definition of life sucks.

i think about damo and little Maxx(Aug 29) every day and i want to be close to her and i want to be an awesome aunt.

and im thinkin about two tattoos

and im thinkin about janine ... i've lost my train of thought.

im hungry.

i cant wait to move!!!

woo hoo. ring the bell. ring the bell
yes, i was checking myself out in that reflective surface.