Tuesday, August 25, 2009

song for the day:
Big Girls Dont Cry - Fergie

(yea yea shut up)

a glimmer of hope for humantiy...


So everything has really been looking up lately!
im feeling great about myself, ive got myself a bicycle and im moving into a house! Adios depressing apartment!!! hello new attic bedroom! -pics to come... i swear.
anyway ive been keeping busy, staying active and having a great summer (now if only i could do a better job of recording it) !!
This last Sat. BC and I went with Bret, Jessi and the fam out to Vancouver for the Portland Brewers Club "Iron Brew". (like "Iron Chef" only with beer)there were 10 or 12 teams and the secret ingridiant was cereal! Each team had to make a differant kind of beer and use one whole box of cereal. some of the choices were shredded wheat, cocoa krispies and corn flakes, etc.
Had a great time as usual, hangin out it the sun (got a little burn!), drinkin beer, eatin good food, chasin around a couple two year olds! In the evening we set up a canopy over the back patio and set up the projector to watch a movie on the back fence, while we grilled in the firepit that we build last weekend!drank a couple beers,smoked a bowl, ate awesome food. Perfection!
and on Monday after work, i rode a bike 4.5 miles! from ne glisan to se flavel. im proud of myself, and empowered!
but i also discover on monday that my apartment complex for some reason has no real record of my security deposit! my $600 security deposit! and they want to charge me a shit ton because i am moving out one month befor the end of the lease. bah humbug!!
- just when you really think you are starting to figure it out, someone has to shit on you!
fuck it. i just gotta get outta this apt. do what i can.

all hope is not lost yet