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Monday, August 2, 2010

did I show these off yet?

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

A and B's Astoria camping trip!

so it is nearly 2:30 in the morning and it has taken me nearly a week to get a chance to get online and post this.
B and I's awesome bike/camp trip last weekend:

we arrived in Astoria Friday afternoon, with bikes and backpacks.

from Astoria we rode 10 miles to our campsite, north of Warrenton.
and after getting checked in and setting up the tent we headed straight to the beach!

on day 2 we rode out to South Jetty, which is actually the northern most point on the coast of Oregon. And the point where the Columbia River meets the ocean.

Gorgeous out there, and also the windiest place we have ever been.

Day 3
Giant Chess Set at the campground.. a bonus!
now he wants one! hahaha
got sunburned while playing, but it was way fun. B kicked my ass every time tho

our mobile home:

these were delicious. along with all the other food we cooked all weekend! too bad i didnt take more foody pics ;)

the bike trails through Fort Stevens are beautiful..

hit up the touristy thing, Battle Russel.
the WW2 defense fort facing the ocean. A Japanese ship was taken out at this site

this pit used to hold a canon...

that evening, a woman from a neighboring campsite stopped by and asked up if we were drinkers. What she meant to say was "you guys look like drinkers." As we sipped our twisted tea, we replied "well, yeah". and she said " well, my husband and I don't drink, but we've been carrying this bottle or tequila around in our RV for about 2.5 yrs, we bought it for our friend and he died before we could give it to him... do you like tequila?"
"umm, yeah. I think we can help you out with that."
Haha so she brought us a fifth of Jose Cuervo Especial.
when we cracked it open that night, first thing we poured one out for there friend
and then....
shortly after we got started a ranger stopped by and started bullshitting with us and ended up giving us a free bundle of wood.
so we stayed up late and had a silly good time

love you, handsome

B made muddle kiwi and tequila... a bit strange, but yummy toned down with some soda

day 4
we took this rad bike trail along the coast back to Astoria

adorable beach houses in Astoria, crossing the 2.3 mi bridge over the Youngs River

ate lunch at Columbia Riverfront in Astoria

stopped at Worker's on the way outta Astoria, same bar we started our trip at. They sell Yuccas!

their claim of fame: "Under the Bridge."
got a little toasty before catching the bus back to Portland

Fucking great trip!!