Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sunday, May 20, 2007

since you left

i haven't taken a single picture

Friday, May 18, 2007

its been a while, im a little lost

this is what best friends look like...

it was our birthday!!!


this is where i won't be living anymore

love you

janine left me this morning. :(

well, i thought i had until june 11th to be out of my apartment. but that is not the case, SURPRISE! you need to be out by May 25th! well shit. yes, of course, i freaked out. i don't have a place to live. i dont have a car. i dont have any family. i just have a lot of crap.

well the sun still shines

you make me feel like sunshine.

first problem solved: i got a door-to-door storage service! same price and i dont have to depend on any one to move my stuff, or have to take any time off of work. they come on wed. to drop off a storage unit, i fill it up and they pick it up on friday! done. so then ill i have a suit case and a backpack and plenty of supportive friends, until i figure out what im doing, then they will drop the storage unit off at my new apartment!

what to do... bum around for a bit and get an apartment, work here for summer. or. keep my stuff in storage a little bit longer, go to minnesota. see my family, whom i feel im missing out on so much. i could work. roofing. good money in it, if i can hack it. it would kick my ass. it could be me and my sketchbook.

i have to try one before the other. no jumping to conclusions.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

the epitomy of fabulousness:

can you say: FABULOUS!

everything is sooo cute!

Chris and i went to the zoo today!
this is where the goats are!

A Unicorn!