Friday, July 27, 2007

JG with CZ!

cramber fun day!
fish are a difficult thing to take pictures of.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

sensory addicted

kale and i got together late, headed down to the square for some people watchin', found it rather dead and wandered around downtown, stopping somewhere on every block to peer in the windows and talking "when we're rich and famous... and fabulous... and you'll be there" and it was just what i needed.
boi, am i happy to be back in portland.
i missed the bums. and the faggots. i can't stop thinking about art projects to starts, 100's of 'em. i need to get settled somewhere already, so i can actually start my year off, start producing something. i went to saturday market today after work and took my sweet time, not buying a thing. but god i hate it, my mind reels when im there, that place is crawling with crafty ideas, i see so much cool shit that i think "god, i could make that" so i want to you kno. start working up a stock pile of random shit made by me, and maybe do saturday market sometime in the near future. paintings, postcards, mobiles, clothes, baby clothes, t-shirts... then theres the fashion end of it, think about the style i would have if i could afford it. im slowly upgrading, anyway. i saw a necklace today, a piece of glass with a beattle in it. oh god, im comin back for you buddy. also one with a scorpion. i need some silver bangles. and i think its time i get myself a cute pair of dangly earrings or two, and a few silver rings. ... and a new nose ring, and those amber plugs i saw at the mall. .... and a girl always needs more clothes... shoes.. um im not even going there.

the point is: im sooo happy to be back

and im fuckin exhausted.. if you couldn't tell xo

Thursday, July 19, 2007

well.. today was rather quite nice considering.

i woke up at 6:30 am
(i know, right? wtf am i doing getting up so early at my age. its just not right.)
morning shift isn't bad, i like doing prep just fine, and ha ha i can actually tolerate my managers once again. (i really did need that vacation, huh?).
but being on opposite shifts with my yet-to-remain-unnamed significant other sucks butt.

i flooded the back room.
i ripped my pants (and had to try not to bend over for the last 2 hrs of my shift, but luckily i didnt have to go home early due to the situation, that would have been fun to try to explain.)

confession: i had two red bulls today.

oh and i actually really liked the new chicken taco pizza. its maybe even better cold. ... oh i wish janine was here

well im off to the waterfront i think, to take some pictures. or maybe. i will just go see kale and drink unneccessary caffiene.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

dear portland,
the feelings mutual

finally, the journey back west

oh, we are having so much fun now!


just a little fun

i <3 to camp

not quite just like old times

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Fourth of July

we went to Valley Fair

my brother Steven, and his girlfriend Ashley
my dad and uncle mike, front car of steel venom
Steven, Ashley and Nick Turner rode the rip cord!